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You will be joining our team to assist in custom audio and video system design and installations in a wide variety of applications including churches, schools, theaters, government buildings, hospitals, etc. Experience or knowledge in any of the following areas will be very helpful. We know most folks will not be able to check all these boxes and that's fine. The most important part is you. Every business is a people business and Pro Audio is no exception. We're looking for quality individuals.

Personal Responsibility:

All candidates need to be personable, have a valid and current Ohio driver’s license and be able to pass the background requirements needed to be authorized to work in an occupied public school

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to lift, carry, load and unpack 80lb objects
  • Ability to work on ladders at heights up to 30’
  • Ability to setup and work on scaffolding up to 25’
  • Ability and understanding to operate man lifts

Electronic Skills:

Familiarity and skill with field termination and testing of:

  • Soldered XLR, RCA, 3.5mm TRS and ¼” TS and TRS connectors
  • Phoenix connectors
  • Cat6
  • Speakon, Pamona and terminal block speaker connections

Diagnosis of I/O issues with line level, mic level, speaker level audio connections and analog and digital video

Basic understanding of the HDMI, SDI, Component, VGA and Composite video standards.

Basic understanding of Ethernet Technology including WIFI, IP addressing, iPad GUI interfaces

Tools and Structures:

Basic hand tool skills, familiarity with and operation of:

  • Wire cutters, screw drivers, wire strippers and socket sets
  • Dremel tools, reciprocating saws, drills, hammer drills and hand saws

Familiarity with structural elements of:

  • Modern commercial structures
  • Home construction
  • Historical construction
  • Fire and safety issues

High quality personal relations skills:

The ability to clearly and politely converse in a variety of situations including:

  • Interaction on site in various religious, educational, corporate, and government contexts
  • Interacting with people who require explanations of technical issues in a non-technical way
  • Ability to understand and explain customer wants and needs vs. design and customer personnel limitations



Our live sound teams work a variety of venues in Northeast and Central Ohio. We do not tour. These are generally one-off gigs within a couple hours from home. Live sound is a very important part of our organization and we will soon have a new warehouse location for you to move into and organize and call home. We're excited about that! Again, experience and knowledge in any of the following areas will be helpful:

Personal Responsibility:

Valid and current Ohio driver’s license with clean driving record

Physical Requirements:

Ability to load and unload large trucks filled to capacity with heavy/large gear

Ability to be on your feet for 12 hours

Technical Skills:

Knowledge and understanding of large and small format digital consoles

FOH and monitor mixing experience

PA system setup experience

Audio tech and troubleshooting knowledge

Backline equipment knowledge (ie. How to set up a drum kit, keyboards, etc.)

Microphone applications: knowledge of how to mic various instruments and what mic to use.

Experience with wireless systems setup and management

Work Ethic:

We need someone who knows how to work, particularly at a show. Someone who will take the initiative to do what needs to be done at the proper time and can also take direction.



Our professionally trained sales staff is one of the many things Woodsy's is known for. Our sales staff help everyone find their sound, from absolute beginner to professionals. This position has customer service as priority #1, from answering phones, responding to e-mails, and greeting every customer, this position will have you on your feet and talking about gear all day! There are times where it gets slow, so being able to work in a fluid environment with many different people is a must.

Personal Responsibility:

All sales personnel need to be personable, work well with a team, and be flexible with what they are asked to do on a day-to-day basis. Candidates must also be able to work in a school setting, as we do many school events throughout the year. While it is not necessary, it is highly preferred that candidates who apply have a musical background.

Physical Requirements:

To be able to stand and move around for multiple hours at a time. Can lift up to 30lbs by yourself, or work together to lift heavy items.

Technical Skills:

Basic computer skills, phone etiquette, money handling.

Work Ethic:

Must be able to work in fast and slow environments. Willing to take initiative when things are slow, and be able to do consistent quality work when it is busy.



Our staff of private instructors are experts at their instruments, and have years (if not decades) of teaching experience, with many of them also having degrees in their respective instrument(s). Our teachers are personable, patient, and eager to teach!

Personal Responsibility:

Instructors must be well organized, and must be willing to work with students of all ages and skill levels. Being punctual is a must, and instructors must have solid communication skills.

Physical Requirements:

Instructors must be able to go up and down stairs (our lesson studios are on the second floor, and we do not have an elevator.) and be able to sit or stand for 30/60 minute intervals.

Technical Skills:

Must be proficient enough in your designated instrument to be able to teach from beginner to advanced skill levels. Teaching experience and/or college degree(s) are not required, but are highly preferred.



Woodsy's Music is a full service center for many brands and instruments. We offer warranty work and general customer repairs on instruments including but not limited to: Electronics (keyboards, amplifiers, etc.), string instruments (including guitars, basses, orchestral strings, etc.), woodwinds, brasswinds, and pro audio equipment. Our technicians have many years of experience, and provide the best quality work in the area! 

Personal Responsibility:

Our repair technicians do more than just fix instruments, they interact with customers, order parts and supplies, and answer the phone. Technicians will be expected to ensure a quick turn-around time while also providing excellent service. Technicians should be able to interact with many different types of people and be able to explain the repairs to customers with questions, should they ask. Technicians are not required to bring their own tools, but are welcome if they choose. (Note: The tools that Woodsy's Music provides are NOT allowed to leave store property.)

Physical Requirements:

Technicians should be able to sit or stand when working depending on the situation. Technicians should be able to work with basic and specialized tools depending on the instrument they are fixing. Technicians may be required to wear PPE such as a mask, eye protection, gloves, etc.

Technical Skills:

Technicians should be proficient in repairs on instruments that are within their category of repair, i.e. woodwind technicians are not required to work on guitars, and vice versa. Technicians should have basic computer literacy, as they will be required to use our computers to log completed services.

Work Ethic:

Repair technicians should be able to focus on a task all the way through its completion, and be willing to start on another right away. Our services have a quick turn-around time, and we don't want to keep the customer waiting! Rest breaks may be taken, but should not hinder the progress of repairs or create unnecessarily long turn-around times.

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