Our first ever open mic night!

May 04 2024 Tags: Open Mic Night

What a success! We were not expecting such a big turnout for our first open mic, and we are very thrilled to have had such a fun night of music. We want to thank everyone who came out, and we hope to see you again in future open mic nights! 

We genuinely did not expect to have the sign up sheet fill up so fast! We are grateful for this amazing community of musicians and everyone who was willing to spend part of their Friday evening with us. With some first time performers, and some local experts on open mic nights, it was a great environment for all the musicians.

From our host False Spring: 

“We had such a great time performing and are honored to have been the host for Woodsy’s first ever open mic night.  We had a ton of fun listening to all the great musicians who came out. This was our first live performance as a band, and some of the other musicians told us that this was their first time performing as well! What a great environment, and we can’t wait to be back."

In case you are not signed up for our newsletter, we will be making slight (but good) changes for the next open mic to make things go even smoother:

We will be adding more set times! With so much interest, not everybody was able to perform. To help with this, we are going to start earlier, and end later. The time will now be from 6p-9p, still with 10 minute sets. The sign up sheet will be put out at 5:30p the day of the event. 

We will also implement a timer/clock facing the stage for performers to see how long they have been playing to help keep things moving smoothly. We didn’t have anyone go over in time, but it’s good to know where you are at with the time.

Since not everyone got to perform for our first open mic, we ask that the performers who did play do not perform this next time. We would still love to see you come out, but we want to give everyone a shot at performing.

We also want to shout out everyone who stayed until the end of the evening. We encourage everyone to stay for all performances if they are able to! With such a variety of music, you’re sure to hear something you like. Everyone loves an audience! 

If anyone who attended has pictures or videos they would like to share with us, please send them to jarrod@woodsys.com. (If the files are too large, it may be easier to put them in to a Google drive folder and share the link. Sharing the link does not give us access to your full Google drive, only the folder you share with us and what is put in it.

Thank you again to everyone who was at our first open mic, it was amazing to see such a variety of music and people, and we hope to see you at our next open mic night June 7th, 2024! Feel free to call us or stop in to ask any questions you may have.

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