Repairs & Service

We service what we sell; and a bunch of other stuff too. Service on nearly any instrument or piece of music equipment is available from our in-house repair facility. In this age of the "sell-it-and-forget-it" music super markets, we are very proud to still offer you first class repair service.

For your school band and orchestra repairs, we are members of NAPBIRT. That would be The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians. In short, that means they know what they're doing.

Our guitar and electronic techs are equally qualified and experienced. Whatever ails your gear, we can get you playing again! Professional appraisals on vintage guitars and other instruments are also available.

Guitar & Bass

Our guitar shop can handle all of your repair and modification needs, from simple setups to electronic repairs and new pickups to (heaven forbid) cracks and breaks.

Full setups on most instruments (guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos) will run $85.00 plus strings. This includes removal of old strings, treating the fingerboard & acoustic bridge, adjust truss rod, dress frets, set action at nut & bridge, test pickup function, restring & hand polish body. If your guitar or bass has a maple fretboard the fret dressing would be $20 extra.

Band & Orchestra Instruments

Our repair professionals can handle all of your violin, viola, cello and string bass repairs. If your instrument needs a good setup and adjustment, we can start there.

A standard setup includes:

  • Removing Old Strings
  • Clean off old Rosin from Top & Fingerboard
  • Dress Fingerboard
  • Check Bridge (Adjust, Fit & Dress)
  • Check Peg Fit & Adjust
  • Tighten String Adjusters
  • Restring
  • Check Action at Nut
  • Clean & Polish

Other Common Repairs Include:

  • Fitting a new bridge
  • Fitting a new peg
  • Cutting & Shaping a new nut
  • Re-glue the Fingerboard
  • Reset the Soundpost
  • Bow Re-Hairing

Crack repairs are quoted on inspection. If you need an instrument to play while yours is being repaired we have loaners and rentals available for most instruments.

Can you clean my Saxophone?
Why, yes we can.

What may look here like three saxophones after a tornado has stuck, is actually three horns in various stages of our cleaning and setup process. Obviously, it is a bit labor intensive and not something that gets done in an afternoon. Turn around time for a saxophone will average 7-10 working days. Some instruments take a bit more time than others. A sax takes a long time to disassemble. Flutes are fairly easy. Oboes take a long time and clarinets, not so much.

Most repairs will not be this involved and we will always get your instrument back to you as quickly as possible. We do have these capabilities though, so if you want the full setup, please come see us! Our repair techs are awesome!  More photos of our repair facilities are below.

Call us at 1-800-468-1525 or e-mail the repair department for more information.

Amplifiers & Electronics

Amps (guitar, bass and power) keyboards, mixers, microphones (wired and wireless) speakers - if it makes music, we'll work on it for you. We are a warranty repair center for Fender, Marshall, and most other brands that we sell. If you bought it from us, we will most assuredly take care of your repair one way or another.

Tom is in the shop Tuesday-Thursday 10-8, and on Friday 10-6. You can drop things off any time we're open.

For home Hi Fi components, we service what we sell. You can check with us on a case by case basis.

We can rebias your tube amp, make pretty much any custom cable you need, and fix what ails your resistors, capacitors, inductors and transformers. So if your inputs aren't putting in, or worse, your outputs aren't putting out, give us a call.

Minimum bench charge is $65.00 ($85.00 for tube amps and some keyboards) and some electronic repairs may require a deposit.

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