Live Sound

Woodsy's has been operating our sound company almost since our beginnings in 1972. Formerly known as Audio Production & Engineering, this division has grown continuously over the years. Those of you in Northeast Ohio who have attended shows at Cain Park (since 1992) the Tri-C Jazz Fest (since 1994) or Lock 3 in Akron (since 2004) have heard our systems at work. We recently worked with Kent State University providing all of the lighting and sound design for their fashion design show.

Primary House Speaker Systems:

  • L'Acoustics dV-Dosc boxes with dV subs (3 x 15)
  • L'Acoustics SB218 dual 18 subs
  • L'Acoustics ARCS
  • Apogee AE5's and AE12 subs are also available. 

Monitor speaker systems:

  • Apogee FS2's (12 and horn)
  • EV QRX Series (15 and horn)
  • JBL SRX Series (12 and horn)
  • L'Acoustics 112XT

    Consoles include:

    • Yamaha PM5D (2)
    • Yamaha M7CL-48
    • Avid Venue Profile Mix Rack
    • Avid Profile SC48
    • Roland M400 with 32x16 digital snake.
    • Soundcraft MH4 48-channel monitor/house
    • Soundcraft MH2 40-channel monitor/house. 
    • Smaller consoles and systems are available for any application.

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