Rental Equipment

Wireless Rentals

We rent several different wireless packages depending on your needs. Wireless rental systems include Shure ULX and ULXD digital, U4 systems, Audio Technica 3000 Series and Pro 10 digital. These can be configured with hand held, lavalier or head worn microphones. These systems are available for special church productions, school plays and musicals as well as theaters and professional audio applications.

Now available for wireless theater applications; transmitter pack pouches and belts.

All of our wireless rental systems are tested prior to pick up with all frequencies set appropriately for your location.

Speaker Rentals:

Our L-Acoustics and Apogee systems are available for "Racks and Stacks" applications. Our dV-DOSC rig consists of 30 dV boxes, 6 dV subs (3x15) 16 ARCS and 14 SB218 subs (2x18). System is powered by LA24A, LA48A and LA8 L-Acoustics amps. The Apogee rig consists of 18 AE5 and 4 AE12 dual 18" subs powered by QSC Powerlight series. Smaller systems such as JBL VRX Series and QSC K Series are also available.

Small PA System Rentals

PA systems for any occasion: your party, your wedding, banquet, corporate event, golf outing, car show, you name it we can amplify it. Call us for suggestions. Quality gear guaranteed to do the job. We don't rent junk! ;>)

DJ Equipment Rentals

We rent Pioneer CDJ-1000 and CDJ-2000 digital turntables as well as the DJM900NSX mixer. We also have power amps, speakers, DJ mixers, lights and CD players available for you to put together or supplement your DJ system. Microphones too!

Screen & Projector Rentals

Whether you are doing a Power Point presentation at your church or business function or showing a movie on the town square, we can help. At right is the new "Blimp Screen," an amazing inflatable, 20 foot, front or rear projection screen.

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