Dang, It's Cold!

Jan 02 2018 0 Comments Tags: Acoustic, cello, guitar, humidifier, oasis, ukulele, violin

Given that just about the entire US outside of SoCal is in a deep freeze, we thought we'd take a minute to offer a gentle reminder about humidification. If you own an acoustic instrument, whether it's your guitar, your violin, your cello, your ukulele, you can't let that prized possession get dried out; and this kind of weather is wooden instrument enemy #1!

So here's that gentle reminder. Humidify. Humidify. Humidify.

Solid wood instruments are more at risk for major damage, but even your all laminate guitar can have the fret edges start to protrude and the finger board get badly dried out. With the furnace cranking constantly in temperatures like this it's all but impossible to keep your instrument's home at acceptable humidity levels. Therefore, it needs to live in it's case with a quality humidifier.

Oasis is just one of the fine products we carry to assist you with this very real problem. Stop in and we'll help you pick one out. They're not that expensive and it sure beats a big old crack in your instrument or a totally whacked out neck.

So stay warm! And humidify!

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