American Made Fender Guitars in Stock!

Feb 07 2018 0 Comments Tags: american, electric, elite, Fender Guitars, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, original, professional, special, Stratocaster, Telecaster

American Specials, American Professionals, American Elites, and the all new American Original Series; all these great Fender guitars in stock for you to check out and take home to be yours forever! Strats, Jaguars, Jazzmasters and Teles (Ya' gotta admit, that's a handsome looking wall.)

The new American Originals are really nice. We have a 50's Strat (big neck, Aztec Gold), a sunburst 60's Strat and that beautiful Ocean Turquoise Jazzmaster on the end.

Outstanding new colors, Pau Ferro and Ebony fret boards, new compound neck shapes or tried and true traditional specs, you pick!

Of course we have lots of Standard Series and Squier guitars and basses to choose from as well. Did someone say Tax Refund? Stop in and see us!

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