Who Are Lag Guitars?

Oct 24 2014 0 Comments


Lag Guitars at Woodsy's Music

Those of us in the US may not be familiar with Lag Guitars. It has only been in recent years, by virtue of their collaboration with Korg USA, that the Lag instruments have been available here. In Europe, however, the Lag name has been associated with high quality electric and acoustic guitars since 1978.

Michel Lag began building high end guitars in Toulouse, in the South-West of France, out of his string instrument repair shop. As is the case with many independent high end builders, word spread from musician to musician about the guitars. When Lag made the decision to expand the business, it was with a determination to always put out product that gave the buyer something extra, a look, a feel, a design, that was not ordinary.

It was this that first attracted us to these guitars. What we refer to as the "fit and finish" is so outstanding on these mid priced instruments. Add some unexpected extras like a Tusc nut and saddle and a wood rosette and you have a truly great value.

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