Who Are Eastman Guitars?

Oct 24 2014 0 Comments

  Woodsy’s Music probably stocks more arch top guitars than any store in Northeast Ohio. The vast majority of those guitars are made by the Eastman Music Company. Eastman guitars and mandolins have made quite a name for themselves, and rightfully so. Although we do still get asked “who’s Eastman? I never heard of them.”

It’s true that Eastman has not been around as long as the most familiar guitar names. It was just 1992 when Eastman President Qian Ni started his string instrument business as a distributor for other violin makers in China. Building his own hand crafted violins soon followed and by 2002, Eastman had begun building guitars as well. The first arch tops made their official debut at the 2004 Winter NAMM show.

All of the Eastman guitars and mandolins are built in the company’s own factory; no farming out work to the huge Pacific Rim guitar makers. Arch top models range from under $1,000 for laminated guitars which are an outstanding buy for this type of instrument. The carved top, solid wood models are where Eastman’s hand crafted quality and value really shine through.
From the 600 Series guitars, starting around $1600, to the John Pisano Signature at $2999, all of the Eastman arch tops exude the quality that only a hand crafted instrument can. If you’re looking for a quality jazz box, the Eastman products certainly deserve a look, even without the very attractive price points.

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