Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano Review

Oct 24 2014 0 Comments

Well folks, Yamaha has done it again. The new CP4 is raising the bar for stage pianos across the board (no pun intended), and I’m going to waste no time in telling you why. First, let’s talk about the 88 beautiful keys. A wooden (That’s right… WOODEN) key with a synthetic ivory top gives you the feel of a real piano key. The weight is a Graded Hammer Action system, which means the keys in the bass region actually feel heavier, and progressively lighten as you move up the piano. On an acoustic piano, the strings in the bass region are thicker and heavier, and therefore warrant a larger and heavier hammer to strike them with. This system is designed to simulate that, and it’s so accurate that you just might think you’re playing a real piano.

As to be expected, the cornerstone on which this product is designed is the piano sounds themselves. You’ll find 3 different pianos sampled on the CP4- the CFX: Yamaha’s premium 9’ concert grand, the CFIIIS: a slightly brighter and more resonant version of the CFX , and finally the S6: a 7’ grand with a warmer and more delicate sound. And here’s the kicker- each piano has 15 different variations in timbre, already preprogrammed to ensure that you can find a piano sound for any and all situations. And if you can’t find that “just right” sound, there is a 5-band EQ with adjustable faders right on the board. This stage piano will get that perfect piano sound you are looking for. I promise you.

You’ll also find 388 additional sounds on the CP4, many of them sampled straight from the flagship MOTIF sound module that Yamaha has become famous for. Included are a great variety of EP’s, organs, strings, synths and pads, all of which can be layered by just the click of a button. You also get faders to adjust the volume, reverb and chorus of both sounds that are layered, giving you unlimited control of your sound.

The interface could not possibly be any simpler to navigate. Virtually everything you’ll need is one click or slide away. In addition, Unbalanced (1/4”) AND Balanced (XLR) stereo outputs, assignable foot control jacks, MIDI out, USB (to host AND to device) output, USB recording, and split functionality (assignable to wherever you want it to be) make this the best stage piano Yamaha has ever made.

There are only a couple of cons to the CP4. 38.5 pounds makes this a decent workout to get to the gig-not to mention the dimensions lend itself to a larger keyboard bag or case (like this one here). You might want to think twice before making this your primary gigging board. The price-tag is debatable, coming in at $2199.99. Just crossing the 2k mark might put a few people on edge, but when you weigh the good with the bad, I think this is one slammin’ instrument. Come in and try it yourself! Or learn more here.

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