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Oct 24 2014 0 Comments

Our Wood Stone order consisting of Ishimori Ligatures and Wood Stone Reeds has arrived from Japan in full force! 

We currently have:


Alto in Brass and Copper fit to a HR Mouthpiece

Tenor in Brass and Copper fit to a HR Mouthpiece as well as a Copper fit to a Metal Mouthpiece

Bari in Brass fit to a HR Mouthpiece


The Ishimori Ligature is the perfect ligature for someone looking for more projection and more focus in their tone. The ligature is inverted with two metal bars making contact with the reed. Minimal contact with the reed seems to be the answer nowadays! This allows for a more freely vibrating reed that projects. I found that the response is enhanced and an easier access to the overtones. This ligature and my Navarro Maestra 7 are a great combo. It played very well!

The Wood Stone reeds are a great new addition to our massive and continuously expanding reed collection!  The cane comes from the famous Var department of southeast France and is meticulously inspected at the Wood Stone factory.  Reeds are handpicked.  Five come in a box. 

See the reed comparison chart below for strength information:


The speed of the reed is the first thing that stuck me. This reed allowed me to play quickly with stability. The stability was the selling point for me! They are also extremely responsive with room for projection.



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