Marc Jean Ligatures

Oct 24 2014 0 Comments

We received our ligature order from Marc Jean last week.  All of us here in the shop tried them and came to the same conclusion... They are great!  We have Clarinet, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bari.


Marc refers to his concept as a "vibrant innovation."  Vibrant is the key word here.  Most of us who tried the ligs found our tone to be richer and more centered.  His final product is the result of 5 years worth of research.

The two wooden rods on the inside of the ligature where the reed sits are essential to the sound, response and vibration of the reed.  The positioning of these rods supports the reed and allows it to vibrate evenly throughout the entire length of the reed producing a beautiful, clear open and centered tone. 

I found that the Marc Jean gave much more focus to my core sound on my Tenor. It also provided more stability and evenness to the notes on the entire range of the horn.  It gave stuffier notes more clarity and depth, especially middle D and the palm keys!  More amplification always helps in our world of rock/funk bands and this definitely helps.

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