Show Us Your Pedalboard #mygtrrig

Apr 21 2016 0 Comments

We want to see your guitar rig! Mostly your pedal board, but send us the whole shot if you like. We love pedals and boards and want to see what you're up to. We'd also like to help you expand or design or redesign your board, so hit us up for that as well. For now, get on Instagram and give us a brief description of your rig with the hash tag #mygtrrig and we'll pick one a week and send you a  Woodsy's T-shirt - a nice one, in whatever size you want!

So let's see some pedal boards! It doesn't have to be pretty. It's yours, you worked hard on it and it gets you where you need to go, so tell us about it. Thanks!

Additionally make sure to head over to our Pedalboard of the Week page and checkout the most recent winners as well as all of the awesome pedalboard submissions.

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